Thursday, November 4, 2010

EXCAVATION by Matthew Fasone, November 9th to 14th, 2010 at SoHo Art Gallery

Matthew Fasone is an artist from New York City who has been living and working in Osaka for the past four years. This solo exhibition at Soho Gallery is his second solo exhibition in Japan and will feature selected works from his “Excavation” series.

Matthew describes his work as primitive, exploring the dichotomic relationship of opposites that exist in nature. Harmony and tension, destruction and preservation, mobility and stability, light and dark and comprehension and incomprehension are all moods or themes that can be evoked when looking at his art.

Matthew paints with encaustic, a technique where wax and paint are melted together. Because encaustic dries so quickly, he is able to paint layer on top of layer (with careful consideration not to destroy the under layer) and as the layers accumulate you can readily see the gesture and painterly process of his painting.

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