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第2回 Saint Valentine's 展

(English follows Japanese information)


募集要項    第2回 Saint Valentine`s  展


会期    2011年 2月8日(火)〜2月13日(日)


場所    SoHoアートギャラリ−


搬入      2/6(日) pm18:00〜pm20:00

搬出      2/13(日) pm17:00〜pm18:00


作品内容  平面(最大でA3、F6,  S6または以下サイズ(フレーム別)




出展費     3,000円 でお一人様3点まで出展できます。


定員25名 定員になり次第締め切らせて頂きます。     



作家様にはご無理を言いますが、出展作品を¥10,000   ¥5,000  ¥3,000の価格設定で販売します。恋の花を咲かせようと一生懸命の人達へ、家族や友人の絆を深めようと思う人達の為、ご理解下さい。(平面、立体)



お申し込み先    SoHoアートギャラリ−

TEL         06-4394-7456    pm12:00~19:00  (火)~(日)       




Saint Valentine's Exhibition II


Dates:  08 February 2011 (Tue) ~ Feb. 13 (Sun.)


Where: SoHo Art Gallery, Tennoji, Osaka, Japan.


Hanging:  Feb 6 (Sun) pm18: 00 ~ pm20: 00

Take down:  Feb 13 (Sun) pm17: 00 ~ pm18: 00


Artwork formats: 


- 2D works: up to A3, F6, S6 size or less (not including frame)

- 3D works: up to 20cm × 20cm × 20cm size or less.

- Crafts: (This category is limited to original creations only) size is negotiable.

- Up to three pieces per participating artist.


Sign-up fee: 3,000 yen per artist. 

(exhibition, advertising, invitation (DM) and promotion included)

Only 25 spots available. Signup will be closed once 25 participants have signed up.

SoHo will not receive any sales commission on any sales.


Exhibition format:

This is a commercial exhibition and all works must be for sale and priced at ¥10,000; ¥ 5,000 and/or ¥ 3,000 each. This show's goal is to encourage the  strengthening of the bonds of friendship, affection and love through the giving of original art on this special day (supporting their local artists in the process).

SoHo will not receive any sales commission. That means that each artist gets 100% of the sale price.


* For craft-based works are priced well below the above, please contact us. I do not get commission SoHo.


To sign up for this show contact SoHo Art Gallery at:

TEL: 06-4394-7456 pm12: 00 ~ 19:00 (Tues.) - (Sun) 


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